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The Pitt Research Navigator delivers personalized customer service to connect faculty and research-related staff to Pitt research services, offices, and experts.

What is this service?

The Pitt Research Navigator is available to connect faculty and research-related staff to the resources necessary to:

  • Initiate and continue research projects
  • Improve the communication between researchers and the offices that support them
  • Ensure compliance and best practices
  • Help resolve research-related problems across campus
Pitt Research Navigator Goals
  • Deliver personalized “customer service” for faculty and research-related staff
  • Connect faculty and research-related staff to the resources, services and offices needed to move research projects forward
  • Reduce research-related administrative burdens and promote operational efficiency
What Type of Questions Can You Ask the Pitt Research Navigator?

The Pitt Research Navigator can help connect you to the campus-based resources and experts who can answer a wide-range of research-related questions. For example, contact the Navigator with questions about:

  • Finding a central research office contact
  • Conflict of Interest (COI)
  • Grant writing resources
  • International research
  • Data management
  • Institutional letters of support
  • And others